Sponsors and Donors

We acknowledge and thank our generous sponsors and donors.

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2020 Prize Sponsors and Donors

Ernest Hutcheson First Prize

Donated by


Percy Grainger Second Prize

Donated by Loz Copley

Arthur Benjamin Fifth Prize

Donated by Rosalind Carlson OAM

Noel Mewton-Wood Sixth Prize

Donated by Ron, Lynn and Marcus Ogden

Eileen Joyce Best Overall Concerto

Sponsored by


Roy Agnew Best Concerto with String Orchestra

Donated by Drs Keith and Eileen Ong

Miriam Hyde Best Concerto with Symphony Orchestra

Donated by Janice Tuynman in memory of her husband Hank Tuynman

Hephzibah Menuhin Best Sonata with Violin and Piano

Donated by David and Jan Robinson

Geoffrey Parsons Best Sonata with Cello and Piano

Donated by Minnie Biggs

Una Bourne Best Accompanist Prize

Donated by Virginia Braden OAM

Isador Goodman Best Preliminaries Round 2 Recital

Donated by the Victorian Friends of the Competition

Ignaz Friedman Best Semi Finals Recital

Donated by Dr Robert Mitchell in memory of Denis Condon

Geoffrey Tozer Most Promising Pianist not Proceeding to the Finals

Donated by Joan Adler

Nancy Weir Best Australian Pianist

Sponsored by


Malcolm Williamson Best Performance of an Australian Piece

Donated by Dr Robert Mitchell in memory of Denis Condon

Rex Hobcroft People’s Choice Prize

Sponsored by


Edward Goll Best Performance of a Work by Liszt

Supported by a Bequest from Neville Grace

Lance Dossor Best Performance of a Work by Beethoven

Supported by a Bequest from Mrs Jana Chvojka

Prize for the Six Semi Finalists not Proceeding to the Finals

Donated by Mrs Wendy Weight OAM

Medal Given to the Youngest and Most Promising Competitor

Donated by Graham Wickes in memory of Australian pianist Dennis Hennig

Cycle of Giving Donors

The Hammerklavier

Donation of $10,000 or more
Anonymous x 1

Les Adieux / Das Lebewohl

Donation of $5,000 or more
Angus and Kimberley Holden
Elizabeth Stuart & Bruce MacDiarmid
Dowie Taylor

The Appassionata

Donation of $2,500 or more
Andrew Bell & Joanna Bird
Alison Brown
Ian Dickson & Reg Holloway
Jane Mathews

The Waldstein

Donation of $1,000 or more
Joan Adler
Loz Copley
Martin Dickson
Geoff & Anna Joyce
Alec & Leanne Leopold
Donald & Kate Magarey
Ron, Lynn & Marcus Ogden
Timothy & Eva Pascoe
Hoang Pham
Greeba Pritchard
Janice Tuynman
Anonymous x 2

The The Tempest

Donation of $600 or more
Frank & Ailbhe Cunningham
Jill Davies
John Meyer
Maree Watts

The Moonlight

Donation of $250 or more
Marie Bashir
Stephen Bell
Bob & Alison Carr
Rebecca Cheng
David & Christine Hartgill
Penny Herbert
Sally Mactier
Ann McFarling
Helen & Phil Meddings
Ben & Judy Mills
Carole Roussel
Margaret Sikora
Pamela Whalan
Anonymous x 7

The Pathétique

Donation of $100 or more
Lindsay Bergin
The Chuang Foundation
Joy Evans
Anthea Fawcett
Lorraine & Rodney Gibson
Vivienne Nabarro
Ruth Procter
Frank Robertson
Wendy Robinson
Patricia Staunton
Tony Strachan
Yvonne Ten Pas
Anonymous x 5

Corporate Sponsors

Avan Yu Tour – Sydney & Melbourne



Gugnin & Tarasevich-Nikolaev Tour – Melbourne



Gugnin & Tarasevich-Nikolaev Tour – Sydney



High Tea with Andrey & Damien





Government Support

Oxana Shevchenko WA Regional Tour

Russian Double Bill Tour Donors

Frazer Davey
Michael Gleeson-White
Peter Heffey
Rimma Madorsky
Eka Tatanashvili

Avan Yu Tour Donors

Alfredo Bustos-Ramirez
Janet Len
Maxim Zakharov

Andrey Gugnin CD Donors

Susan Alexander
Marcus Barker & Rohan Morris
Dominic Buckley
Janet George
Alexandra & Carina Martin
Agnes Matrai
Peter & Helen O’Meara
Carole Roussel
Lourdes St George & Spencer White
Tony Strachan
Anonymous x 5

Other Donations

Brenda Cohen
George Golowyn