32 Virtuosos. 1 Passion.
Next Competition July 2020

Australian Works

Competitors are required to perform Australian works as part of their Competition repertoire

Works by Australian Composers

The Australian piece in the Preliminaries should be published and may be of any period or length. You will find many possibilities through the website of the Australian Music Centre.

The Sydney International Piano Competition has commissioned a number of works from some of Australia's most eminent composers that have been performed over the years of competition. Scores of these commissioned works are also available from the Australian Music Centre.

Composer Score
Nigel Butterley Uttering Joyous Leaves
Peter Sculthorpe Mountains
Larry Sitsky Arch (Fantasia No. 4)
Graham Hair Under Aldebaran
Bozidar Kos Kolo
James Penberthy Clocks
Peter Sculthorpe Between Five Bells
Elena Kats-Chernin Page Turn
Brenton Broadstock Tower of Strength (Torre di Forza)
Gordon Kerry Figured in the Drift of Stars
Andrew Ford Thin Air
Roger Smalley Morceau de concours
Anne Boyd Kabarli Meditation (Dawn)
Carl Vine Toccatissimo

Other composers you might consider

Composer Year
Percy Grainger 1882-1961
Roy Agnew 1891-1944
Frank Hutchens 1892-1965
Arthur Benjamin 1893-1960
Raymond Hanson 1913-1976
Dulcie Holland 1913-2000
Miriam Hyde 1913-2005
Dorian le Gallienne 1915-1963
James Penberthy 1917-1999
Don Banks 1923-1980
Peter Sculthorpe 1929-2014
John Carmichael 1930-
Malcolm Williamson 1931-2003
David Lumsdaine 1931-
Richard Meale 1932-2009
Larry Sitsky 1934-
Nigel Butterley 1935-
Moya Henderson 1941-
Philip Bracanin 1942-
Roger Smalley 1943-
Ross Edwards 1943-
Anne Boyd 1946-
Brenton Broadstock 1952-
Carl Vine 1954-
Andrew Ford 1957-
Elena Kats-Chernin 1957-
Colin Spiers 1957-
Nigel Westlake 1958-
Brett Dean 1961-
Gordon Kerry 1961-
Michael Kieran Harvey 1961-
Wendy Hiscocks 1963-
Ian Munro 1963-
Sunny Chua 1967-
Matthew Hindson 1968-
Nigel Sabin 1960-